South Burlington City Center for the Arts

A World Class Creative Arts Facility for South Burlington's City Center District

Why Creative Arts?

Communities that actively support and develop creative arts benefit in several ways.

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Economic Development

Economic development is a pervasive topic for all communities. Attracting a young, talented workforce, vibrant, innovative businesses and encouraing commercial activity and tourism all contribute to success.

Americans for the Arts 2010 study entitled "Arts and Economic Vitality" highlights how critical cultural arts is to economic vitality Here's the summary... 

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Community Building / Creative Placemaking

Communities which actively act as a catalyst for expanding arts access, creation and education are promising to be the most successful. Especially, as we move toward the middle of the 21st Century. This paper from The Urban Institute entitled "Cultural Vitality in Communities" explains why.

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Education and Personal Development 

There is clear evidence that studying the arts leads to greater student achievement and success in life. Yet, as a society we struggle to provide our children with adequate access to diverse, high quality arts programs. Collaborations between artists, schools, public and private organizations can serve to bridge the gap.